Dynamic Dummy Image Generator
Inspired by dummyimage.com

Sometimes you just need a placeholder image right at your finger tips. Just enter the width + x + height at the end of this URL and off you go!

Example: nosrc.net/100x100 or nosrc.net/100 creates


What is this?
This is a simple tool for generating dummy/filler images on the fly at whatever size you want.
How do I use it?
Simply add the width, an 'x', and the height (example) of the image you want and my script will spit out a gray box to the size you want with the image dimensions written on top.
Can I use a dummy image url as an image source?
Yup, that was what it was designed for. Try this: <img src="http://nosrc.net/325x123">
Awesome! how does it work?
See for yourself! The entire script is the tiny little block of code below. ( btw, ColdFusion FTW )
	for(param in ["height", "width"]){
		if(NOT structKeyExists(url, param) OR NOT isNumeric(url[param])){
			url[param] = 100;
		url[param] = max(min(url[param], 1024), 1);
	label = "#url.width#x#url.height#";
	imageFolder = expandPath("./images/#url.width#");
	imagePath = "#imageFolder#/#url.height#.png";

	if (!fileExists(imagePath)) {
		if (!directoryExists(imageFolder)) {

		newImg = imageNew("", url.width, url.height, "GRAYSCALE", "cccccc");
		imageSetDrawingColor(newImg, "333333");
		imageDrawText(newImg, "#label#", 4, 16, { size=14, style="bold" });
		imageWrite(newImg, imagePath, 0, "true");